Child & Adolescent

Training Programme Director: Dr Dan Hayes

The Maudsley higher training programme for child and adolescent psychiatry provides a wide range of experience in clinical, research, therapeutic skills and management domains. Trainees are allocated an educational supervisor who oversees their training throughout the 3 years. Together and with the TPD, training can be focussed around the career aims and training needs.

Allocations to clinical posts across the 3 years are discussed with the trainee and the aim is for the trainee to have breadth of experience during their higher training. The scope of posts allows trainees to gain experience to a variety of subspecialties in different settings. Examples in the community include include, 0-18 years services, teams specialising in adolescent outreach, teams linked with forensic services and neuropsychiatry sub-teams. We have excellent training posts in inpatient units specialising in children or adolescents. National and specialist teams welcome higher trainees and include those specialising in eating disorders, learning disability, OCD, mood disorders, neuropsychiatry, conduct disorder, adoption and fostering,  emerging borderline personality disorder and liaison psychiatry.


Higher trainees have protected research time and have access to senior academics who are experts in their respective fields. Trainees are actively encouraged to pursue their research interests under the supervision. Opportunities are present for every degree of participation depending on training needs and career aims. Trainees have weekly teaching seminars locally as well as pan-London training days. Teaching sessions are interesting and varied and receive good feedback.

Training is given is therapeutic skills, for example CBT and family therapy, throughout the 3 years. Trainees are encouraged to take on training cases under supervision in their clinical placements so they are able to achieve a level of competency in a particular therapeutic skill.

There is active management training both through formal teaching and shadowing opportunities. Higher trainees are encouraged to take on audit and service evaluation projects.

On calls provide a broad based generic experience as required by RCPsych.

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